This Offer Ends When 1 Spot Is Taken

Who Else Wants To Have Their Own Video Training Course, Made EXCLUSIVELY For Them & Can Be Selling It In The Next 7 Days?

If that idea tickles your pickle, then you need to read on because this won't last long...

From the Desk of Tony Newton

I've been creating and selling my own products for over 10 years. One of the very first ones I created, sold hundreds and hundreds of copies, was a top seller on ClickBank and I eventually sold the rights for $20,000.

There's a huge potential and advantage you get when you have assets in your control.

Here are some small snapshots of a few products I've released more recently:

< This product sold for $27

This product sold for $37 >

< This product sold for $27

This product sold for $37 >

< This product sold for $37

This product sold for $97 >

But these results can only happen if you actually have a product that you can sell.

And that's exactly what this offer is all about!

Here is what I will create, exclusively for YOU:

Video Training Product

I will create for you, your own video training series. Just give me a topic and I'll put together the flow of the training and then shoot the videos for you.

A video training product has a much higher perceived value than an eBook. That means you can charge more for them and customers find watching the information helps them to understand easier too. So many people prefer to learn using videos these days, as opposed to reading the information.

Sales Page

If you're going to sell the training product, then you're going to need a sales page to do that. Therefore, I'll write and build one for you.

It will use the same layout that I personally use to build all my own sales pages. Naturally, it will explain all the features and provide the benefits that the training course provides (we can also discuss designs, if you have any preferences).

Video Training Delivery Page

Once people buy your training course, they are going to need access to it.

So I will build you a custom training page.

This is where they will watch the training videos and you can include any other links or information on this page (collect their email address, add affiliate links etc)

Full Installation

This one is a biggie!

There's no point me handing you over files that you need to upload, if you're not comfortable in doing that.

You need to get your product live so you can make money with it!

What I'll do is install all of the pages, add your payment button, any email sign up forms you require and connect everything together.

This takes away any of the tech headaches you might have and means you can be assured that everything is set up and working correctly.

Congratulations! You Now Have Your Very Own Product

Here are some of the options you now have:

  • Sell the product as-is
  • Give it away to build a list
  • Sell re-sell rights
  • Get affiliate on board to promote it
  • Make a few sales then flip it for 4 figures
  • And so many more!

But There's A Catch...

As you can see, there is a LOT of work involved in this offer and it's quite time consuming. So I can only offer it to 1 person right now. Once that happens, this offer will be closed.

If you want to have your own product, live online, for you to take full advantage of, then now is the time to act.

Quick Recap...

Here's everything you get when you order now:

  • Video Training Program Made EXCLUSIVELY For You
  • Sales Page
  • Video Training Delivery Page
  • Full Installation & Set Up

Just Use The Button Below To Order

Price $997 $397


This offer ends when 1 spot is taken.

I'd love to have you on board and really looking forward to creating for you, an awesome product of your own!

Any questions? Just let me know


Q – What happens when I order?

A – You will be redirected to a page with all the details. If anything goes wrong, just email me

Q – What topics can you cover?

A – Anything 'make money online' related should be fine. I'll need to obviously research the topic to develop the training flow but that can be done for most things. Anything too complicated however, I wouldn't be able to create. I can teach people how to build a blog but not how to invest in bitcoin!

Please email me before you order, to check if you have a certain topic in mind –

Q – What kind of videos will you create?

A – The videos will be screen sharing videos, made with Camtasia. I won't appear on them, you'll just have my voice and the screen.

Here's a quick example:

Q – How long will my training take to be built?

A – All orders will be completed in the order they came in. I aim to complete all orders within 7-10 days but most likely will be sooner.

Q – Do I have to buy a domain name and hosting?

A – You can choose to purchase a new domain name if you wish. Otherwise, the product can be added to an existing domain name, in a new folder. You will require hosting.

Q – Will I need to pay for video hosting?

A – The training videos can be added to YouTube for free and displayed on the training page only. You can set them to 'Unlisted' in YouTube so that no one can find them, other than those who pay.

Q – Are there any refunds?

A – No. As this is a done for you service that involves hours of my time, no refunds therefore can be offered.

Q – Will I fully own the product?

A – Yes. The product and all pages will be 100% yours and you will keep all the money made from sales.

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