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Tony's Private Testing Lab

Inside Tony's Lab, I share my own personal testing results on everything I am doing with my own websites and more. You gain access to videos and content that I don't share anywhere else online. This will help you to rank your own websites faster and easier than ever before.

The lab is updated at least once a month and includes:

The Undercover Spy Lab

Inside this lab I spy on a site that has been sold and strip everything down so that you can copy the results for yourself. I build dozens of hugely profitable sites every year following this method and it works every time.

I'll show you:

  • What the URL of the site is
  • How old it is
  • What price it sold for
  • How much content it has
  • What keywords it is targeting
  • What backlinks it has
  • and more...

So then all you have to do is build a similar site, targeting the same keywords, even getting the same backlinks and replicate the success for yourself.

No more guesswork, just copy your way to a hugely profitable site!

The Q and A Lab

Each month I'll answer questions that have been sent in and put my answers live for everyone to see. You might have similar questions yourself and will be able to see answers instantly.

Having an issue ranking a site?

Not sure if a niche is worth the effort?

Have a question about the training?

Whatever it may be, I'll answer all questions each month (obviously I won't give away specific niches or URL's)

The Sniper Lab

Sniper sites are tiny 3-4 page sites that target a handful of buyer keywords. I typically use Exact Match Domains (EMD's) for these, they are easy to rank and can bring in $300+ each month. I routinely sell these types of sites for $800+ each:

This lab will be all about these types of sites and I'll share available EMD's to target each month that you can quickly snipe and start getting results like these too.

The Ranking Lab

This is where I share all the latest SEO tips and tricks I am using on my own websites. I'll show you what is working right now.

For example:

  • How to get powerful blog comments that actually boost your rankings (without spamming)
  • How to build a safe PBN network
  • What is Schema and do you really need it?
  • Boosting your rankings with expired domain names
  • How to build a deadly effective Web 2.0 stack
  • All the results revealed from my live tests
  • Where to get UNLIMITED 100% unique content from for FREE
  • and more...

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Zon Boot Camp Private Mastermind

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