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One Product + YouTube = Monthly Recurring Passive Income

From the Desk of Tony Newton

I'm only offering this to my subscribers and loyal followers, so I'll keep this message short and straight to the point 🙂

Let's face it, recurring income is awesome for any business.

You do the work once and get paid time and time again. If you can scale that, then you can build the foundation of a stable, growing and potentially life changing business.

And that's exactly what this special offer is all about.

Let Me Explain...

I've been using a particular software tool for a few months now. It creates professional videos that can be used for a wide variety of things. Sales videos, review videos, social influencer videos, local business videos, affiliate videos and more.

Basically, if you need videos of any kind then you can use this tool!

I've been mainly using it to create videos to promote my websites and affiliate products and uploading them to YouTube. During that time, I've mentioned it a couple of times to my list as I think it's an awesome bit of kit.

Here's the result of that:

That's now built up to almost $100 in passive RECURRING income coming in every single month.

So it got me thinking...

Why don't I go all in, set up a marketing campaign for it and bump up that amount considerably?

Not just that, why don't I also let others see what I'm doing and I'll give them EVERYTHING I create too!


The 14 Day LIVE Recurring Income Video Challenge: Boosting Monthly Recurring Income Using Free Traffic From YouTube

Catchy title, eh?

Let's call it The 14 Day Video Challenge for short!

Starting on March 2nd 2020, I'm starting a brand new marketing campaign to promote Content Samurai video software (It's in the process of changing it's name to Vidnami)

I'll document everything from Day 1 through to Day 14. You'll get to see over-my-shoulder as I piece everything together, all recorded so you can watch at your leisure.

The aim of The 14 Day Video Challenge is to boost the recurring monthly affiliate commissions for that product.

The marketing campaign will include a training series on the product, which will be given away to build a list.

Then a series of 14+ videos will be added to YouTube, on a daily basis. These videos will be promoting the software and to also get people to sign up to the free training.

On the training page will be my affiliate links to the software and there will also be further emails scheduled to get people to sign up for the free trial.

Here's just a few of things that will be covered:

  • Choosing the keywords to target
  • Creating videos for YouTube
  • Uploading the videos and optimizing them
  • Creating the free training series
  • Follow up email sequence
  • ...and lots more

Everything will be documented and the information shared on a daily basis. You get to see the videos, stats, clicks...EVERYTHING.

How Does It Work?

The 14 days of training will be shared in a Private Facebook group. Each day I'll share what I've done on that particular day. This content will be in the form of text and video training where necessary.

Being in this group format, means you are free to ask any questions about the challenge and can also connect with other affiliates going through the training too.

You'll have permanent access to this private area, after the 14 days. So if you want to take your time building your business, then you can simply watch the various training at your leisure.

Instant access to this group is provided, so you can jump right in now and check out the modules that are already included.

Includes White Label Rights

Information is great but having the actual tools and files is even better!

I must admit, I thought long and hard about whether to include this or not. But the aim is so you can build up YOUR monthly recurring income too, so I decided to do it.

At the end of the challenge, I'll give you all the things I have created during the 14 days.

The video training series, squeeze page, email follow ups and all the 14+ videos made to promote the product.

You'll receive EVERYTHING and have White Label Rights to them. That means you can use them for yourself or even sell them to others.

Here's Everything You Get

Daily, Step By Step, Training - You'll see how I'm putting everything in place and what I'm doing on each day. Each day will have it's own update and you'll see exactly what I have done.

Access to the Private Mastermind Group - This is where you view the training, ask questions and connect with other like-minded affiliates. I'll be in this group daily to answer your questions.

All of the Files Used - You receive all the files created, including the squeeze page, video training series and all 14+ promotional videos used during the challenge.

White Label Rights - Once the challenge has ended, I'll package up all the files and you have full rights to use them as you wish. Simply copy what I have done and use the files for yourself, or sell them to others and keep 100% of the profit.

How Do I Join?

The doors to The 14 Day Video Challenge are open right now and the challenge begins on Monday 2nd March.

You'll get instant access to the training area, where you can view the current modules and the future ones being added each day.

To sign up, just use the button below. It's a ONE TIME payment.

SPECIAL Early Bird Price $197, Just $37


I'd love to have you on board and hope to help you build a stable, monthly recurring income!

Any questions? Just let me know


  • Q.Do I need to purchase anything else?

    A.If you’re going to promote Content Samurai yourself, then you need to be a user of the software. It’s $47 per month but they have a permanent 25% discount, so it works out to be around $35 per month. However, you only need to refer a couple of paying members and you basically get your monthly fee paid for. Plus, you can then scale it to 3 or even 4 figures a month in hands-free, recurring passive income!

  • Q.What happens after I order?

    A.You’ll be redirected to a page with all the instructions you need. You’ll be able to join the Private Mastermind Training area right away.

  • Q.When does the Challenge start?

    A.The 14 Day Video Challenge starts on the 2nd March 2020 and will run for 14 days. But when you join now, you’ll get access to the Private Mastermind Group, where you can check out pre-challenge training.

  • Q.What are the White Label Rights?

    A.You are free to use the content for yourself.

    If you decide to sell it to others, then you must charge a minimum of $37 and you cannot give away the files to others for free.

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