Week 6

Maintenance and flipping.

Now we have entered the last week of this training series. I genuinely hope you have enjoyed going through it and have taken a lot from it.

Everything revealed in the training is 100% how I build my sites and how I have been building them for many years. If you stick with it, continue adding new content and getting backlinks to your homepage and to your inner review pages, then it's almost impossible to fail to make money.

When your site does start making sales, it's then when things really start to get going. You can continue building the income or choose to sell at a time that is right for you. I'll discuss the options for flipping below.

But when you're at the flipping stage, it's then when you really see the power of niche site building!

Let's get started with Week 6...

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If you have any problems or questions, just use our help desk.

Ongoing Maintenance

As discussed last week in Week 5, the process you should follow from now on is to consistently add more content to your site and to continue to build backlinks. As easy (or boring!) as that sounds, that really is all you need to do to build yourself an asset that could potentially be worth thousands of dollars.

Let's continue with our backlinks.

PBN Links

If you did manage to find or order a PBN in the last week and set it up then it's possibly not going to pass the penalty test yet. So wait until it does and then complete the steps below (remember, a PBN helps to rank faster and easier but if you'd rather not build one then just follow the rest of the backlinking methods).

When you have a PBN and it passes the penalty test, you should now add an article of 300+ words (ideally 500+ words) link to your homepage and 1 or 2 of your review posts. You should also link to 1-3 other authority sites related to the topic of the article. This is all explained in the PBN training in Week 4.

If you are using a PBN, then now is a good time to find/buy another PBN domain and set it up with a 150 word post on it.

Blog Comments

Choose another one of your first review posts and try and get 1-5 blog comments to it. Just follow the instructions in Week 4 on how to get the blog comments but instead of adding your main homepage URL in the "Website" box, add the long URL to that inner review post. Note down the URL's of the pages you have commented on so you can look back and check them in a week.

Web 2.0 Links

Take that same review post you have chosen and create 1-5 new Web 2.0 sites and link to it. Follow the instructions from Week 4 regarding anchor texts and what sites to create accounts on.

These new links should be on brand new Web 2.0 accounts and not ones that you have already created to link to your homepage (you can use the same Web 2.0 sites but create new accounts).


Add More Review Posts To Your Site

At the end of last week, I suggested you should get at least another 3 review posts written. If you have done that, then you should now add them to your site. You don't have to space them out, just add them one after the other.

During this next week, try and get 3+ regular review or non-review posts created.

Flipping (Selling Your Site)

The easiest place to sell your site is Flippa.com

Once your site is making money then it will easily sell on their platform. The longer you keep the site, the more you will sell it for. You'll have to decide when is the right time for you.

As a rough (but not set in stone) guideline:

- A site making $10 per month, should sell for $300+ (although normally $500+)

- A site making $50 per month, should sell for $800+

- A site making $100 per month, should sell for $1300+

- A site making $1,000 per month, should sell for $8,000+

These are just estimates but good targets to aim for.

Adding A Listing on Flippa

To add your site to Flippa for sale, you create a listing.

I usually structure my listings like this:

Site description

Release Date

Traffic Levels

Keywords Being Found For



Site Maintenance

What Is Included

Why Sell

Why Buy From Me

Here's an example of a listing:


This listing is for the sale of – http://www.DomainName.com

This is a totally hands-free site with consistent organic traffic that makes hundreds of dollars each month in passive income.

What is the Site?

The site is an Amazon product review site in the XXXXX niche. There are reviews of products about various products. The site runs on the WordPress platform.

When was it Launched?

The site was launched on XXXXX and has XXXXX unique posts on it.

How Many Visitors does it get?

The site currently gets XXXXX unique visitors per month. This is all organic and free traffic from the search engines. I have attached screenshots.

What Keywords is it being found for?

Here are just a few of the XXXXX keywords that the site was found for last month and all rank in the top 10 of Google:


What Profits does it Make?

The site makes commissions from Amazon and here are the profits made.

Total profits are:







Can Traffic and Sales be Increased?

Easily! All you need to do is to add new review posts to the site and these should naturally rank as the site has good stability and authority in the niche. You could also add more monetization such as Adsense, CPA offers or a newsletter to build a list.

What is Involved in Running the Site?

There is literally ZERO work involved in running the site. You will only have to insert your Amazon associates ID into the posts to replace mine and you’re good to go.

What is Included in the Sale?

Domain Name – DomainName.com is registered at XXXXX and will be a free push to your own account.

Full Website – You receive the entire website, content, theme and everything as it stands now.

Transfer – I will transfer the site to your host as long as you have cPanel/MySQL. Most hosts like Hostgator have these.

Why are you Selling?

I have several other projects on the go that this sale will help to progress.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I have personally sold around 100 sites here on Flippa and have 100% feedback as my sites are genuine and my buyers are always very happy.

(If you haven’t sold any sites yet, just add a brief bio about yourself.)


To Sum up:

This is a great opportunity for you to own a website that requires ZERO work but still brings in hundreds of dollars every single month!

Any questions just ask here or via PM.

Thanks for reading!


Some tips for selling

Here are some vital tips to help you get the most out of your Flippa.com listings:

1. No need to list your auction for longer than 10 days. I find that 5 or 7 day listings always get enough interest for the product to sell for the desired price. Try to have your auction ending on a weekday except for Fridays. I normally do Tuesday-Tuesday or Thursday-Thursday. (A 30 day auction would only ever be needed if you were selling a site for more than $100,000.)

2. If you’re pretty sure that your auction will sell for more than $1,000 then you should accept escrow payment only.

3. Start your auction at $1.00 as this encourages more early bids. The more bids your auction gets, the more interest it will receive and ultimately it will sell for a higher price.

4. Set a reserve price at the minimum amount you would be happy to receive.

5. Try and explain in as much detail all you can about your site. Try and list all the benefits and features it has and why it will appeal to a new owner.

6. Be sure to provide as many screenshots as you can to prove traffic stats and earnings. This adds more credibility to your listing.

7. Answer all comments individually where possible. More comments should mean more people will take interest in your listing.

8. A standard listing is normally the only thing required. But if you think your site will sell for more than $1,000 then use the homepage upgrade which is approx $99

9. Add a BIN (Buy It Now) price within the last 24-48 hours of your auction. As a guideline, I generally add a BIN price that is roughly 50% of the current highest bid. So if that bid is $10,000 then the BIN price would be $15,000 or even $20,000. This encourages one of the bidders to act fast to guarantee they win the auction.

10. Try and transfer the site in a timely manner. Once escrow has been made secure, then you should transfer everything over to them as quick as you can. This ensures that you receive your money fast and also keeps the buyer happy.

11. Keep a list of all your buyers. If they have a good experience in dealing with you, then you can contact them the next time you have a site for sale and may not have to list it for sale on Flippa. Set up a list for them to join, then you can email them BEFORE you list the site on Flippa.com. This can save you a lot of money in listing and success fees.


Transferring The Site

Once you have sold your site, it's a good bonus that you transfer it to the new owners web host. You need to make sure that there web host has cPanel, MySQL and allows addon domains (or if it's a new hosting account, the host provides the ability to upload files using the IP address and not the main domain name).

The steps for transferring are basically this:

#1 - Download all WP files and export the current database using PhpMyAdmin

#2 - Create the addon domain on new host. Create new database, user with all priviliges and import the database

#3 - Upload all files to the new host using FTP

#4 - Change the DNS servers of the domain name to point to new host

Whilst this will seem extremely complex at first, it's actually a very simple process. You could also use a Plugin like WPTwin to transfer the site.


Other Selling Options

Whilst Flippa is great for sites that sell for less than $10,000 there are a couple of other options for selling sites for higher than that amount.

FE International - They have buyers ready and waiting to purchase passive income website.

Empire Flippers - They too have a good following and serious buyers. You can often get 24 times the monthly earning of your site in one lump sum here.

When the time comes, you can reach out to both of these sites for information about selling and whether they would be interested in listing your site.

Example Site Status

More reviews have been added to the site and we have also created some more social and web 2.0 accounts and linked from them to the site.

We have also created one more PBN and waiting for it to pass the penalty test before we use it. The first PBN has been indexed, just waiting for it to pass the test before we use it.

The rankings are still stable and as we continue building backlinks, we should see some more keywords jumping up soon too.

Your Tasks For This Sixth Week (and ongoing)

Here are the tasks you should try and get done this week:

- If you have set up a PBN or two, keep checking them until they pass the penalty test. When they do, add a post which links to your website. Also, find/buy another PBN domain name and set it up with a 150 word post.

- Make 1-5 blog comments on related blogs to one of your review posts. Be sure to add the long URL to that post when filling in the blog comment.

- Make 1-5 new Web 2.0 posts and link to one of your review posts.

- Post 3+ review posts on your site

- Order or write at least 3 regular review or non-review posts


From now on, you just have to keep repeating the above until your site starts making sales. Then when you want to sell it, simply follow the information in the flipping section and take the lump sum.

Then repeat the whole thing as many times as you wish 🙂

Thanks again for following this training and any questions just let me know.

Tony Newton