Week 5

Maintenance week.

So we're now into week 5 already, where does the time go?

By now you should have a site that has reviews and some backlinks. If you have then well done, if not just keep plugging away until you get there. There's no rush building these sites, the main thing to focus on is the outcome.

This week we're going into maintenance mode. So we will be adding more content to the site and also getting some more backlinks. This mode will be your ongoing strategy moving forward once this training ends, so it's important to be consistant as the months go by.

Let's get started...

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Site Maintenance Week

So as just mentioned, this week is all about general maintenance and building the authority of the site further. So we're going to get some more backlinks and add more content.

Let's first start with our backlinks.

PBN Links

If you did manage to find or order a PBN in the last week and set it up then it's possibly not going to pass the penalty test yet. So wait until it does and then complete the steps below (remember, a PBN helps to rank faster and easier but if you'd rather not build one then just follow the rest of the backlinking methods).

When you have a PBN and it passes the penalty test, you should now add an article of 300+ words (ideally 500+ words) link to your homepage and 1 or 2 of your review posts. You should also link to 1-3 other authority sites related to the topic of the article. This is all explained in the PBN training in Week 4.

If you are using a PBN, then now is a good time to find/buy another PBN domain and set it up with a 150 word post on it.

Blog Comments

Choose one of your first review posts and try and get 1-5 blog comments to it. Just follow the instructions in Week 4 on how to get the blog comments but instead of adding your main homepage URL in the "Website" box, add the long URL to that inner review post. Note down the URL's of the pages you have commented on so you can look back and check them in a week.

Web 2.0 Links

Take that same first review post you have chosen and create 1-5 new Web 2.0 sites and link to it. Follow the instructions from Week 4 regarding anchor texts and what sites to create accounts on.

These new links should be on brand new Web 2.0 accounts and not ones that you have already created to link to your homepage (you can use the same Web 2.0 sites but create new accounts).

On Going Maintenance

You will simply follow this pattern each week moving forward. Continue to build PBN links, blog comments and Web 2.0 links to your main homepage and each of your review posts. This consistant backlinking will boost each page, which in turn boosts the overall domain authority of the site and helps every page to rank.


Add More Review Posts To Your Site

At the end of last week, I suggested you should get at least another 3 non-review posts written. If you have done that, then you should now add them to your site. You don't have to space them out, just add them one after the other and where possible, add a link in each one of them to one of your review posts (whichever review post is relevant to that non-review post).

During this next week, try and get 3+ regular review posts created.

Example Site Status

More reviews have been added to the site and we have also created some more social and web 2.0 accounts and linked from them to the site.

We have also created the first PBN and waiting for it to pass the penalty test before we use it.

The rankings shown last week have remained stable, which again is a good sign.

Your Tasks For This Fifth Week

Here are the tasks you should try and get done this week:

- If you have set up a PBN, keep checking it until it passes the penalty test. When it does, add a post which links to your website. Also, find/buy another PBN domain name and set it up with a 150 word post.

- Make 1-5 blog comments on related blogs to one of your review posts. Be sure to add the long URL to that post when filling in the blog comment.

- Make 1-5 new Web 2.0 posts and link to one of your review posts.

- Post 3+ non-review posts on your site

- Order or write at least 3 regular review posts


Next week I'll go over site flipping. When to list your site, how to list it and everything else you need to know.

I'll send out an email when Week 6 training is added, so be sure to sign up to the update list at the top of the main membership page.