Week 1

Getting started with niche research and product selection.

In this first week we are going to research what niche to build our site in, what products to promote, picking a site structure, choosing a domain name and ordering/writing some content.

This stage is the one that you should spend as much time as it takes doing because the success of the site will depend on it. Choose the wrong niche, wrong products and wrong domain name and you might be wasting your time even before you start.

2 Site Structures

Before we even look into niches and products, the first thing to bare in mind is what type of site structure you will build. Typically there are 2 different types:

#1 – The Product Specific Site
#2 – The Broad Niche Site

They are both absolutely fine in their own right but have positives/negatives which we'll look at now.

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#1 – The Product Specific Site

This is where a site is all about one type of product. So you would, for example, register a domain name like BestAdjustableDumbbells.com and build a site that had reviews about adjustable dumbbells.


- Easy to become an authority
- Usually easy to rank in Google
- Less work required as most have less than 100 pages of content
- High conversion rates


- You are limited to a certain number of products to promote
- Difficult to generate a huge amount of traffic for free due to a limited amount of keywords to target
- There will be a relatively low cap on monthly earnings
- Which leads to a lower selling price when flipping

Obviously if the product range has hundreds of different items available on Amazon then this can affect the above but typically there will be a cap on how big these types of sites can grow.

#2 – The Broad Niche Site

This type of site can be grown to a larger scale. So, following on from our example above, you'd use a domain like ExerciseEquipmentReviews.com where you can review lots of different products such as dumbbells, kettlebells, multi-gyms, squat racks, treadmills, elliptical machines, yoga mats etc


- Can promote a lot of different products
- More keywords to target
- Can get a lot more traffic from Google
- Revenue can be scaled up
- Can be sold for a lot of money


- More content will be required
- More backlinks will be required
- Generally, more work is involved

As mentioned above, both models CAN work well. Some examples of product specific sites:

Here's an adjustable dumbbell site (it's not live any longer) that sold for $10,000 - https://flippa.com/2967160-bestadjustabledumbbells-org

A treadmill site that sold for $11,000 - https://flippa.com/2683288-besttreadmillsonline-com

A folding bike site that sold for $29,800 - https://flippa.com/5300416-foldingbike20-com

Or this shaver site that sold for $50,000 - https://flippa.com/3338503-pickmyshaver-com

But if you want to get $100,000 or more for selling your site then you should be thinking big and build a site where you can target a LOT of products.

So in this training, I'm going to choose a big broad niche - The kitchen niche.

Choosing Your Niche - Broad or Product Specific?

To create a website that could potentially sell for $100,000 will mean we're going to want to post reviews on a lot of products. So a big, broad niche is what to look for.

Nothing too complicated about this step, no need for keyword research at this stage either. Just choose a big niche that has hundreds of products we can create reviews on.

This video shows what to look for:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Choosing The Products For Your First Review Posts

Once you have chosen your niche, it's time to choose some products to promote.

Ideally we're looking for products that cost $50+ and have lots of reviews. This means our commissions per product will be a reasonable amount and returns should be low due to the number of positive reviews.

This video shows what to look for:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Picking A Domain Name

Now you have your niche and products, it's time to buy our domain name.

It is important to try and get some additional keywords into the domain that will help us to rank the review posts easier. So try and get the words best, review, reviews, top into the name along with your main broad topic.

Also, be sure to check the domain in the Wayback Machine and MajesticSEO to make sure it hasn't been used before and has no existing backlinks.

This video shows what to look for:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

The domain name I have chosen will be live in next week's training, so don't worry that it's password protected if you visit it now.

Ordering/Writing Your First Reviews

Now you have your niche, products and domain name, it's time to organize our first reviews.

I always like to start an authority site out with a minimum of 3,000 words of unique content. As our posts will be 1,000+ words each, this means we're going to need at least 3 review posts to get us started. These will be added to the site at the same time when we build it out next week.

You have 2 options for these review posts, you can either write them yourself or outsource them. Some useful options for outsourcing are iNeedArticles, TheContentAuthority or iWriter.

Review Post Layout

The articles will be laid out very simply. There will be an intro paragraph of up to 100-200 words, then there will be the individual product reviews. Each post has to be at least 1,000 words of unique content.

They will be laid out like this:

Review Title

Intro paragraph of up to 200 words

Most popular Product #5

Most popular Product #4

Most popular Product #3

Most popular Product #2

Most popular Product #1

The number of products in each review I like to mix up. Sometimes I'll have the Top 3, Top 5, Top 7, Top 10 to make things look more natural.

I put the most popular product at the bottom of the page because it makes people stay on the page longer, reduces the bounce rate, therefore helps us to rank better.

Outsourcing Information

If you are outsourcing the articles, this is the exact information I give them:

- I require an Amazon product review article that targets X products in the same niche.

- You will be given X products to review.

- You will then look at each product in Amazon and write XXX words describing the main features and benefits of each one.

- Articles will be therefore be 1000+ words in length.

- Articles need to be 100% unique and pass copyscape.

Just replace 'X' depending on how many products are in the review and give them the product titles and Amazon URL's for each review article (there's no need to look into keyword research for the posts yet, we do that when we add the products to our site)

When you get the articles back, always check them in Copyscape to make sure they are unique before adding them to the site.

Your Tasks For This First Week

Here are the tasks you should try and get done this week:

- Choose your niche

- Pick your products

- Buy your domain name and point it to your web host (you just need a basic web host that allows for easy WordPress installation)

- Order or write at least 3 x 1,000 word review posts (feel free to do as many as you can)

I'll send out an email when Week 2 training is added, so be sure to sign up to the update list at the top of the main membership page.