September 2018

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The Undercover Spy Lab

In this lab, we examine a site that has been sold and see how we can replicate the results (without all the guesswork.)

The Site –

Flippa Listing -

Date Sold - 4th July 2018

Price Sold For - $24,000

Age of Site When Sold – 6 Years

Details – This is a great example of a site that has had a lot of effort put in, which resulted in a good price at auction. It's not a typical review style site, more of a magazine style. But it still makes good profits and has a large social network in place.

Keywords Targeted – It targets lots of products specific to men.

Backlinks – The site has 39 links from 9 referring domains according to MajesticSEO.


What My Plan Would Be To Clone The Results – I would set up a brand new site using a domain name that was targeted towards men. I would then create 3,000 word content posts that target relevant keywords and place Amazon native ads on each page. I would most likely need to have 100+ posts on the site to become more of an authority but these can be added on an ongoing basis.

The keywords I would target would range from clothing, gadgets, electronics and household items.

I would use social, Web 2.0 and PBN links to rank the site over the course of 12+ months. I would heavily focus on getting topically related and thematically related backlinks.

In this case, I would also setup social profiles such as Instagram and Pinterest and drive in traffic from those platforms too.

The aim would be to get to $1,000+ per month in profit and then sell for $30,000 - $40,000.


The Sniper Lab

The Sniper Lab is all about creating small 3-5 page websites that target buyer keywords with an Exact Match Domain (EMD).

You simply browse the Amazon marketplace to find products, then put those into the Google keyword planner and see what searches come up. Find one that gets 250+ searches a month that has a .com available domain and you're good to go!

You can use a free keyword tool like this one to get more accurate search volumes than the Google keyword planner now gives you.

These are really simple sites to make and each can make you 4 figures in profit when you sell them. They make great additions to add to your Amazon empire.

This video has more information:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Here are some domains you can use right now (each one is available as I'm typing this but most have been used before due to the popularity of the niche): - 18,100 searches per month - 9,900 searches per month - 8,100 searches per month - 6,600 searches per month - 5,400 searches per month - 8,100 searches per month - 6,600 searches per month - 5,400 searches per month - 5,400 searches per month - 4,400 searches per month



These will obviously be snapped up fast by members but give you an idea of what to look for. A new list will be added every month.

The Ranking Lab

Driving Traffic From Social Platforms


As mentioned in this months site analysis section, driving free traffic from platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook is certainly a good idea.

But it can take a fair amount of effort to create content on a daily basis, build up a following and get people to click on your links.

Whilst I mostly rely on free traffic from Google, building up social traffic is something I am starting to do more often with my own sites.

Instagram is one I'm particularly liking and it's easy to get hundreds of followers in no time at all.

Here's a few tips when starting your Insta account:

- Make sure you use a brand name, rather than your personal name. This can be the brand of the website you're driving traffic to.

- Add your website link in the bio section with a call to action on why people should click it.

- Post 2-6 times daily. These can be images of your products, motivational quotes, reposts from other niche related accounts or videos. It's vital you are consistent and post daily.

- Like and comment on other Instagram accounts in your niche.

- Follow other Instagram accounts in your niche.

If you go out and follow 50 accounts and like 200 photos in your first week, you'll get people following you back and seeing your content.

Just keep adding content, being active in the niche and network with others. This will allow you to get lots of people clicking you bio link everyday, coming to your website and buying what you have.


The Q and A Lab

Questions that have been sent in this month:


Q – Do you have any Shopify sites?

A – Not currently. I dabbled for a while with them but found Facebook ads to be far too expensive to make them work for me. I prefer affiliate sites with free traffic.

Q – Can I rent links from you?

A – I prefer to keep all my own stuff separate from other peoples. So I don't rent out links.

Q – Do I use spun content?

A – I never personally use it, I use original content for both money sites and PBN's. I use for most of my content.

Q – How many pages should my website have?

A – The more the better. Just target different keywords on each page and add as many as you can. If you want a site that makes 4-5 figures a month, then you're going to need lots of good quality content. Small, niche sites of 5-20 pages can still rank just fine but a site with 100+ pages is what Google is leaning towards these days.


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