March 2017

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The Undercover Spy Lab

In this lab, we examine a site that has been sold and see how we can replicate the results (without all the guesswork.)

This Months Site –

Flippa Listing -

Date Sold - 25th February 2017

Price Sold For - $15,000

Age of Site When Sold – 24 months

Details – The site is a 100% Amazon affiliate website that makes around $600 per month promoting outdoor products.

Keywords Targeted – Some of it's top keywords include best swim goggles, best swimming goggles, best snake boots, snake boots reviews, best snake proof boots, snake boot reviews, kids ski goggles, waterproof snake boots, best snake boots for hunting and best ski goggles.

Backlinks – According to MajesticSEO, the site has 366 links from 40 different domains. These include a lot of directory links, bookmarks and Web 2.0 links.

What My Plan Would Be To Clone The Results – I would set up a brand new site using a domain name that has 'outdoors' within it. I would then create 1,000 word content posts that target relevant keywords and also have reviews on as many outdoor activity products as I can find on Amazon. I would want to create at least 70 unique pages on the site and each will have my Amazon affiliate links on. I would certainly go after snake boots and goggles, with various keyword variations.

Potential keywords I would target:

best swim goggles
best swimming goggles
best snake boots
snake boots reviews
best snake proof boots
snake boot reviews
kids ski goggles
waterproof snake boots
best snake boots for hunting
best ski goggles
billabong board shorts
best ski bags
fishing boat seats
best mens boat shoes
best hiking boots
best cross country ski equipment
best compound bows

I would use social, Web 2.0 and PBN links to rank the site over the course of 12+ months.

The aim would be to get to $1,200+ per month in profit and then sell for $30,000+ (this is basically double the revenue and selling price of

The Sniper Lab

The Sniper Lab is all about creating small 3-5 page websites that target buyer keywords with an Exact Match Domain (EMD).

You simply browse the Amazon marketplace to find products, then put those into the Google keyword planner and see what searches come up. Find one that gets 250+ searches a month that has a .com available domain and you're good to go!

You can use a free keyword tool like this one to get more accurate search volumes than the Google keyword planner now gives you.

These are really simple sites to make and each can make you 4 figures in profit when you sell them. They make great additions to add to your Amazon empire.

This video has more information:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Here are some domains you can use right now (each one is available as I'm typing this and has a clean history): - 260 searches/month - 260 searches/month - 320 searches/month - 390 searches/month - 260 searches/month - 260 searches/month - 320 searches/month - 260 searches/month - 480 searches/month - 320 searches/month

These will obviously be snapped up fast by members but give you an idea of what to look for. A new list will be added every month.

The Ranking Lab

This month we are focusing on Web 2.0 stacking.

Web 2.0 stacking is where we create Web 2.0 sites, link them together and link them to our website. This can be done for a main homepage, an inner page or a combination of different pages on your site.

This is a simple 3 site stack:

The Basic Stack

As you can see, there are 3 different Web 2.0 sites that each link to the money site and also link together from left to right. This is classed as a 'One Tier' stack because there is just one layer of links.

Next, we can expand on that and make things more powerful with another tier of links.

The Super Stack

This time we've added a second tier of links. That second tier links to the first tier and also to the money site. This stack will be more powerful than the first but obviously takes a little bit longer to set up.

Finally, we have the most powerful stack. With this one we are getting high authority links from our Web 2.0 sites but adding some power/juice from some PBN links.

The PBN Super Stack

Putting Them Together

Ideally, you want the Web 2.0 links to be 'do-follow' links to get the most from them. If some are 'no-follow' then it's not the end of the world, they just won't give as much power.

You simply create new accounts on each site and add some content. This should ideally be at least 300 words on each and link them together as per the diagrams above.

There's a list of some popular Web 2.0 sites here -

Case Study

I've been using these kinds of stacks for 5 years now and they are still very effective. Here's a recent case study I tried on one of my own sites.

I linked all sites to an inner review page on one of my Amazon review sites. This was the stack I used:

Once it was created, I pinged all the links in and waited.

This was the result after a couple of weeks:

It produced a 2-3 page jump in rankings and this is a 6,600 searches per month keyword.

So Web 2.0 stacking is a powerful (and free) way of boosting your rankings pretty fast.

The Q and A Lab

Questions that have been sent in this month:

Q - Do small sniper sites really still work?

A - Yes and they can work really well. Having an Exact Match Domain or even a Partial Match Domain gives you a big plus factor. If you do the anchor text correctly and send a good mixture of different anchors, then mix in some blog comments, forum links, web 2.0 links and PBN links then small sites can rank just fine.

Main thing these days is to have longer content on your pages. A minimum of 1,000 words on the homepage of sniper sites works very well.

Q – Are auction domains better than expired domains for PBN's?

A – In short, yes they are generally better. Mainly because they keep the age of registration and don't get reset. This helps your money sites because you are getting links from aged domains.

Whilst expired domains can still be very useful, when you buy them they will have that date as the registration date. So if you buy 10 expired domains and point them all to your money site, Google can see that they are all new sites just by the registration date. Whilst they currently aren't factoring this in, it's something they could easily set an algorithm for.

Of course, auction domains cost more money but you can still find good ones for $12 plus the extra registration fees. If you're using expired domains, then mix in links from other sites and you should be just fine.

Q – How many PBN's do I need to rank my website?

A – Sadly this is impossible to answer. There are a lot of factors that come in to play. How competitive are the terms you want to rank for? How powerful are the PBN domains you have bought? How old is your website?

I've ranked sniper sites that make $300+ a month with just 4 PBN links and sites that make $1,000+ a month with 20 PBN links. There's no set number of links that can be guessed that you will need. It just comes down to building your first link, then moving on to the next. Google takes a LOT longer to factor in the full power of links these days and sites move a lot slower to be pushed up.

Patience is the key to SEO. If you have that, then you'll eventually outrank all of your competition that gets frustrated and sends too many links too fast.

Q – What do you think of the new Amazon commission structure?

A – If you haven't yet heard, Amazon has changed their commission structure and don't have the increasing commission percentage any longer. They now have fixed percentages for each category. You can see the new structure here - – just scroll down until you see the first table.

I still think Amazon is by far the easiest and best affiliate program out there and I'll still continue building sites, just like I have been for more than 10 years. What I might change is creating more sites in some of the 6%, 7% and 8% categories.

But overall, it's not too much of a big deal.



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