February 2018

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The Undercover Spy Lab

In this lab, we examine a site that has been sold and see how we can replicate the results (without all the guesswork.)

The Site – TrumpetHub.com

Flippa Listing - https://flippa.com/9549847-trumpethub-com

Date Sold - 1st February 2018

Price Sold For - $15,500

Age of Site When Sold – 3 years

Details – This is another great example of a site making less than $500 that can be flipped for a 5 figure sum. It targets trumpets and the various accessories that are used with them.

Keywords Targeted – It targets mainly trumpet type phrases and product review phrases.

Backlinks – According to MajesticSEO, the site only has 5 backlinks from unrelated sites. So there is certainly a lot of scope to outrank it very easily with some good quality, highly relevant links.


What My Plan Would Be To Clone The Results – I would set up a brand new site using a domain name that has the word trumpet or trumpets in it. As it only has 44 pages indexed in Google, my aim would be to have 30-50 well optimized articles on the site eventually. These can be gradually added over time.

Potential keywords I would target:

best trumpet

trumpet review

trumpet reviews

best trumpets

beginner trumpet

bass trumpet

trumpet case

trumpet cases

and other related long tail keywords found during research.

I would use social, Web 2.0 and PBN links to rank the site over the course of 12-24+ months. I would heavily focus on getting topically related and thematically related backlinks.

The aim would be to get to $500+ per month in profit and then sell for $15,000+


The Sniper Lab

The Sniper Lab is all about creating small 3-5 page websites that target buyer keywords with an Exact Match Domain (EMD).

You simply browse the Amazon marketplace to find products, then put those into the Google keyword planner and see what searches come up. Find one that gets 250+ searches a month that has a .com available domain and you're good to go!

You can use a free keyword tool like this one to get more accurate search volumes than the Google keyword planner now gives you.

These are really simple sites to make and each can make you 4 figures in profit when you sell them. They make great additions to add to your Amazon empire.

This video has more information:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Here are some domains you can use right now (each one is available as I'm typing this and has a clean history):

40gallonaquarium.net - 3,600 searches per month

29gallonaquarium.net - 2,400 searches per month

120gallonaquarium.org - 1,900 searches per month

15gallonaquarium.org - 1,300 searches per month

150gallonaquarium.org - 1,300 searches per month

20gallonaquariumstand.com - 1,000 searches per month

29gallonaquariumstand.com - 880 searches per month

10gallonaquariumstand.com - 720 searches per month

20gallonlongaquarium.net - 1,300 searches per month

180gallonaquarium.org - 1,300 searches per month



These will obviously be snapped up fast by members but give you an idea of what to look for. A new list will be added every month.

The Ranking Lab

Trying Something New...



I received an email recently from a fellow Amazon site builder and someone I have known for a while. They were asking if I wanted to buy one of their sites. I would normally dismiss this as I prefer to build my own but it got me thinking for a few days.

The site was already making money, had traffic and rankings and was in a good niche.

I knew that I could start immediately with PBN links and push it up for some of the bigger terms it targets.

So I decided to buy it for $600 and have spent a few days tweaking it, adding my affiliate links and converting it to https: which Google and Chrome now prefer.

The aim is to keep hold of it, get it making $300+ per month and then decide whether to flip it or not.

I'll keep updating this members area with how it is going but it has also got my attention of buying other sites. There are obviously lots of reasons why buying existing sites provides benefit, including:

Sites with age will typically react faster to new backlinks.

You can see what rankings they have, so it's easier to know what to target.

You will instantly start making money with them.

You don't have to wait 6 months before they rank in Google.

So I might look into buying some more sites in the near future, testing them with relevant backlinks, increasing traffic and earnings and then flipping for a decent profit.

Not too much different from investing in real estate really. Buy a rundown house, do it up to a good standard and then sell for profit. It's the same with buying websites, you just need to know how to increase their value through ranking and making more sales.

And that's all taught to you in this training area!

So it brings me back to buying sites – Do YOU have any affiliate websites making $10-$50 per month? If you do and might consider selling them, then just drop me a ticket with the details and I'll take a look.


The Q and A Lab

Questions that have been sent in this month:


Q – How important is having an SSL certificate these days?

A – It does seem that making your websites https instead of http will be a good move. Google say they prefer them and Chrome is changing and will warn users that a site is not secure when they visit. So this could cause a lot of lost traffic and earnings. Personally, I am now using https on all my money sites.

Q – How much content does an EMD need to rank?

A – Obviously the more content you add to a site, the more keywords you can target and the more traffic you can get. But the minimum I start out with for an EMD is 2,000 words of unique content on the site.

Q – Are you still working on the kitchen reviews HQ website?

A – I did create the site just for the training but have recently started adding more content and links. I'll continue to keep building it out and will update this area with how it goes.

Q – Does a PBN have to be niche related to my money site?

A – No. Just be sure to theme the PBN to the site(s) you are linking to by putting your main keywords in the PBN title and the title/URL of the posts you add.


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