August 2019

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The Undercover Spy Lab

The Site –

Flippa Listing -

Date Sold - 14th July 2019

Price Sold For - $18,100

Age of Site When Sold – 6 Years

Details – Here's a great example of a site making just $393 a month in profit, that has sold for an awesome $18,100. It's a very typical niche WordPress blog that is monetized with Amazon.

Keywords Targeted – It targets keywords related to huskies and dogs. There are 58 articles and 71 pages on the site.

Backlinks – According to MajesticSEO there are around 200 backlinks in total.

What My Plan Would Be To Clone The Results – I would set up a brand new site using a domain name that had the word 'husky' in it. I would then create 3,000 word content posts that target relevant keywords and place Amazon native ads and Adsense on each page. I would most likely need to have 70+ posts on the site to become more of an authority but these can be added on an ongoing basis.

I would use social, Web 2.0 and PBN links to rank the site over the course of 12+ months. I would heavily focus on getting topically related and thematically related backlinks.

The aim would be to get to $1,000+ per month in profit and then sell for $20,000 - $30,000.


The Sniper Lab

The Sniper Lab is all about creating small 3-5 page websites that target buyer keywords with an Exact Match Domain (EMD).

You simply browse the Amazon marketplace to find products, then put those into the Google keyword planner and see what searches come up. Find one that gets 250+ searches a month that has a .com available domain and you're good to go!

You can use a free keyword tool like this one to get more accurate search volumes than the Google keyword planner now gives you.

These are really simple sites to make and each can make you 4 figures in profit when you sell them. They make great additions to add to your Amazon empire.

This video has more information:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Here are some domains you can use right now (each one is available as I'm typing this): - 170 searches per month - 480 searches per month - 880 searches per month - 1,900 searches per month - 40 searches per month - 50 searches per month - 90 searches per month - 140 searches per month - 170 searches per month - 210 searches per month



These will obviously be snapped up fast by members but give you an idea of what to look for. A new list will be added every month.

The Ranking Lab

Using Content Pieces For Direct Traffic

Submitting content to other sites can be more than just for SEO purposes.

Many press releases and blog posts can get traffic from those actual websites, along with them ranking well in Google due to the already high authority they have.

A well written press release submitted to high authority sites, is well worth the money when done right.

The same can be said with blogging sites like A well optimized post on Medium can get traffic fast from their website and the posts rank quite easily in Google too (for low-med range keywords). If you optimize these posts just like a standard post on your own site, it's possible to get traffic to them and then have that traffic click through to your money site.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't rule out these types of sites because they might be no-follow links. Well written content linking back to your website can bring in real people from the already popular websites you add the content to.

Something to ponder when rolling out your websites...


The Q and A Lab

Questions that have been sent in this month:


Q – Will Amazon ever remove their affiliate program?

A – Personally I can't see it. Their affiliates make them a lot of sales and bring in new customers for a relatively small percentage. It's really win-win for them.

Q – Should I focus more on content than backlinks?

A – They are both important but Google will always love a lot of content. Plus, the more content you have, the more likely it might get shared too.

Q – Flippa fees are quite high, is it worth selling new websites any more?

A – It would be hard to make a profit selling brand new websites on the platform now, due to their crazy listing and selling fees. I would only list established sites that I know will sell for $1,000 or more.


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