April 2018

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The Undercover Spy Lab

In this lab, we examine a site that has been sold and see how we can replicate the results (without all the guesswork.)

The Site – BestApBooks.com.com

Flippa Listing - https://flippa.com/9698183-bestapbooks-com

Date Sold - 4th April 2018

Price Sold For - $17,000

Age of Site When Sold – 24 months

Details – The site is a 100% Amazon affiliate website that makes around $600 per month promoting books.

Keywords Targeted – The site targets a lot of text book and prep book type keywords.

Backlinks – According to MajesticSEO, the site only has 8 backlinks from a total of 6 referring domains. So it wouldn't take much work at all to rank a similar site.


What My Plan Would Be To Clone The Results – I would set up a brand new site using a domain name that has 'books' within it. I would then create 1,000 word content posts that target relevant keywords and also have reviews on as many related books as I can find on Amazon. I would want to create at least 50 unique pages on the site and each will have my Amazon affiliate links on.

Potential keywords I would target:

ap books


ap lit books

ap literature books

best ap review books

ap english books

ap review


best ap prep books

best ap books

I would use social, Web 2.0 and PBN links to rank the site over the course of 12+ months.

The aim would be to get to $600+ per month in profit and then sell for $15,000+


The Sniper Lab

The Sniper Lab is all about creating small 3-5 page websites that target buyer keywords with an Exact Match Domain (EMD).

You simply browse the Amazon marketplace to find products, then put those into the Google keyword planner and see what searches come up. Find one that gets 250+ searches a month that has a .com available domain and you're good to go!

You can use a free keyword tool like this one to get more accurate search volumes than the Google keyword planner now gives you.

These are really simple sites to make and each can make you 4 figures in profit when you sell them. They make great additions to add to your Amazon empire.

This video has more information:

(Click the fullscreen icon to enlarge the video)

Here are some domains you can use right now (each one is available as I'm typing this and has a clean history):


aplitbooks.com - 210 searches per month

apliteraturebooks.com - 170 searches per month

bestapreviewbooks.net - 140 searches per month

aplitbooks.com - 140 searches per month

americanliteraturebooks.net - 880 searches per month

traditionalliteraturebooks.com - 480 searches per month

britishliteraturebooks.com - 390 searches per month

englishliteraturebooks.net - 260 searches per month

worldliteraturebooks.com - 260 searches per month

bestliteraturebooks.com - 260 searches per month




These will obviously be snapped up fast by members but give you an idea of what to look for. A new list will be added every month.

The Ranking Lab

Site Purchase Update


The site I purchased is continuing to make money. It made $55 in March and the rankings are still climbing for some of the more competitive terms.

I've added 7 PBN links in total so far. These are all using very relevant titles and URL's on the PBN's themselves. Here are the current keyword results/rankings:



The green circles show the ranking increases this month and the number of monthly keywords are shown too. So these are pretty decent search numbers.

I'll continue to update the progress here.



The Q and A Lab

Questions that have been sent in this month:


Q – How much does a site need to be making to be sold for 5 figures?

A – This depends on the niche but a site making just $200 a month can often be sold for $10,000 or more.

Q – Someone has sent lots of backlinks to my site, what can I do?

A – If this happens and your rankings drop, the only thing you can do other than start a new site is to use Google webmaster tools and disavow the links that you find.

Q – Do you use social bookmarks?

A – I mainly stick to PBN's, web 2.0 and finding competitor backlinks these days. If I were to use bookmarks then I'd make sure my keywords were in the title and/or URL of the links. Otherwise they can do more harm than good.




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