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Below you'll find all the information you need to build an affiliate business, using nothing but free social media traffic.

Module 1 - Facebook

In this module, there are several strategies that you can implement. You can use them separately or even use them together.

The main thing about using Facebook for affiliate sales, is to fill your friends list with people who would likely buy from you.

Don't just accept or request anyone.

Find people in relevant groups, check out their profiles and see if they're a good fit. If they are clearly a marketer, then they might not be a good fit. It depends on what products you are promoting.

Therefore, when adding friends just ask yourself if they look like they might be interested in what you're promoting.

And go from there...

Profile Growth:

- Have a profile photo that clearly shows your face.

- Build up your 5,000 friends slowly and carefully. It's quality over quantity 🙂

Here's the RVL method of daily posting:

- Post daily to your profile.

- Use a combination of Results, Value & Lifestyle (RVL Method).

- Before posting to your profile, always spend 10-30 minutes engaging with people on your friends list. Go and like/comment on their posts. This will help to get engagement faster when you do make your post.

How to find and post in other related groups:

- Find 1-5 related Facebook groups to join.

- Post to those groups once a week (per group).

- You can use existing profile posts but don't post them in groups on the same day you post to your profile. Leave it a week before adding them to a group.

- People who like and comment on your group posts, check out their profiles and request them as friends.

Finding and requesting friends:

- Find and request 10-50 friends every single day.

- If you get the warning box "Do you really know this person?" then take a break for an hour or two and don't request any new friends during that time.

How to message without being too salesy:

- Message your new friends. Be interested in them and don't try to sell.

Strategy #1 - Facebook Group

This strategy is all about building up your own Facebook Group. This video shows what to do:

- Have a header and sidebar featured image that have a call to action on them to join your group.

- Post to your group 2-3 times a week. Use unique content and not posts you have added to your main profile.

- Have monetized posts that contain your affiliate links.

Here's how to create your own group and the settings to choose:

Strategy #2 - Limited Offers

With this strategy, you create an irresistible offer and post it to your profile each day. Here's what to do:

- Create a bundle that adds up to around $1,000

- Make your price point $97

- When you get at least one payment, remove the post.

- Repost the offer every day, use a different time so that more of your friends will see it.

Module 2 - YouTube

YouTube is an awesome platform to get free traffic to your affiliate offers.

When starting out, it DOES take a little time to build momentum. But once you get it going, your videos will continue to get views for years to come.

The lessons in this module show you how to create videos, upload them and rank them. You just need to be prepared to keep adding videos consistently and you'll get that momentum going and see those sales coming in 🙂

Here are the various methods of creating your videos:

Here are the links to Camtasia, Screencast-o-matic and a Vidnami alternative (it has since closed) called Wave.

How to come up with ideas for your videos:

- Find 3-5 channels in your niche that post regularly. Use the same ideas they share but put your own spin on them.

- Use the Keywords Everywhere tool to find great keywords to target from the tags in popular videos.

Here's how to structure your videos:

First 5-10 seconds - Introduction

Next 5-10 seconds - Branded introduction

Next 1-10 minutes - Main content

Last 5-10 seconds - Call To Action (Like/Subscribe/Click The Link Below)

How to correctly optimize your videos when uploading:

Keyword As File Name

Keyword in Thumbnail Name

Keyword In Title

Keyword in Description (x3)

Keyword in Tags

Commenting on other videos can get you more views, here's how:

Find popular videos that have recent comments and comment on them.

How to embed your videos on other websites to boost rankings:

- Use gigs on Fiverr to embed your videos on Web 2.0 sites.


Module 3 - TikTok

TikTok has really exploded in growth recently. It's kind of like YouTube on steroids, as it's faster to get followers and clicks on your links than YouTube is.

But you're limited to videos that are 1 minute in length. So you need to be creative to get people clicking on the links you want.

A great way to use TikTok, is to get people over to your YouTube channel. You can put a link directly in your profile and tell people to go there for full tutorials. It's a perfect way to build up your YouTube followers faster and to provide more value to those followers.

The lessons in this module take you through how to set everything up and come up with ideas for your videos.

Installing the app:

- Download and install the app on your phone. Get it from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

The importance of having a profile image that stands out:

- Use a profile image that stands out. Remove the background of your photos for free using

This video shows how TikTok shares your videos and why getting interactions is so crucial to going viral:

- It's important to get interaction on your videos in the first 1-2 hours. Then TikTok will show it to other groups of people.

1 Point - Like

2 Points - Comment

3 Points -Follow

4 Points -Share

5 Points -High Watch Time

6 Points -High Re-Watch Time

How to create your videos, including the importance of the start screen and adding call to actions:

- The first 2 seconds of your video is crucial.

- Use a good start screen that tells people what the video is about.

- Have a call to action at the end of every video.

- Need 1,000 followers to get the clickable bio link.

How to use hashtags in your videos:

- Add hashtags into the description of your videos.

Less Than 1,000 Followers = Use hashtags with less than 100,000 searches.

1,000-10,000 Followers = Use hashtags with 100,000-1,000,000 searches.

10,000+ Followers = Use hashtags with 1,000,000+ searches.

How to quickly come up with ideas for your videos:

- Find 5-10 people sharing the same type of niche content and model what they are sharing.

- Look at their profiles, find the most popular videos and model them yourself, using the same hashtags.

Module 4 - Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. You can utilize images, along with videos to build up your account fast.

This training focuses on getting your first 1,000 followers, which is a great first goal to aim for.

Instagram stories can be used daily and once you get to 10,000 followers, you can then use the "Swipe Up" feature on your stories.

As with all social platforms, I don't recommend buying followers. It's just giving the platforms a great reason to shut you down. So always do it the organic way and protect your accounts at all times.

This video shows you how to create your account and which one to choose:

This video shows what content to post to your account: - Use it to create your image posts. - Download royalty free images to use in your posts.
Video Downloader Professional - Chrome extension to download videos from other accounts.

This video shows you all you need to know about using hashtags:

Always add up to 30 hashtags in your posts.

This video shows you how to post content to your account:

You can use the app on a smart phone or tablet to post to Instagram. Or alternatively use a desktop application from a PC or a MAC.

Gramblr is no longer recommended due to viruses.

This video shows the importance of interacting with other accounts:

Try and interact as much as you can. Reply to questions and comments, like comments and post on other related accounts. Encourage people to comment on your posts by asking questions.

This video shows how to collaborate with other Instagram users to help boost your account:

Networking will help to get your 1,000 followers fast. Reach out to other users and ask for tips, collaborations and generally just let people know your account exists.

This video shows the importance of the 3 C's:

Bonus - Affiliate Marketing 101

This video shows how affiliate marketing works:

You simply find affiliate programs for products you want to promote and apply for them. Once you have your unique affiliate link, you can then find targeted traffic and provide your link to them.


This video shows the various marketplaces that you can sign up for, to become an affiliate:

Amazon - Great for promoting physical products. You can join their program from here.

Commission Junction - Another really popular affiliate network. More details here.

ClickBank - Ideal for promoting digital products. Find out more from here.

Google - Head over to Google and type in "Your Niche affiliate program" and find individual affiliate programs to join. Just replace "Your Niche" with the niche you want to target.

Squeeze Pages

This video shows the power of building an email list and how to do it using squeeze pages:

ClickFunnels - One of the most popular squeeze page builders. You can learn more from here.

DropFunnels - Although, I personally use DropFunnels instead 🙂

OptimizePress - This WordPress plugin can be used on any WordPress website and has no monthly fees. More details here.

Aweber - A very popular autoresponder that can be used to manage your email lists. Find out more from here.

GetResponse - Another very popular autoresponder. Find out more from here.


This video shows how to use a blog to promote affiliate products:

BlueHost - A popular web hosting company that can be used to host your WordPress blog. You can learn more from here.

HostGator - Another very popular web host. More details here.


This video shows how to use a YouTube channel to promote affiliate offers:

YouTube - You can create a YouTube channel, post videos and add your affiliate links underneath those videos. Check out YouTube from here.

Video Creation - There are lots of ways to create videos for YouTube. You can use a smartphone, record your screen or use software.

Bonus Training - Your First Email List

The video shows how to setup the simple system you will use to build your email list:

Creating Your Offer

The video shows the various methods you can use to create your free product:

Squeeze Page

The video shows how to create your squeeze page:

The video shows how to use to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

Forum Traffic

The video shows how to get 100% free traffic from forums in your niche:

Social Influencer Traffic

The video shows how to get traffic from people who already have thousands of followers:

Shoutcart - One of the most popular sites for buying traffic from influencers.

Facebook Traffic

The video shows how to get traffic from Facebook for free:

Email Followups

The video shows how to actually make money from your emails: - Thousands of products you can promote as an affiliate.


Bonus - 60 Instagram Images

Here are 60 motivational images you can use for your Instagram account:

First 30.

Second 30.

Thanks for watching!

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