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Welcome to the Training Area!

Below you'll find the exact system that you can use to create a $1,000 per month income stream, in just 30 minutes day.


The way we're going to make money is through affiliate marketing.

This video explains what that is and how it works:


Affiliate Marketing = Promote other people's products and get paid a commission for every sale.

  • No need to create a product
  • No customer service
  • No product fulfilment
  • No need to deal with chargebacks and refunds

You only need to join the affiliate program and promote the products.

The System

This video explains the simple system that we are going to use:


The steps you need to take:

#1 – Find a core affiliate offer & supplementary offers.

#2 – Set up a simple squeeze page and bridge page.

#3 – Collect email addresses and set up an autoresponder series of messages.

#4 – Drive free traffic to our squeeze page via social media platforms.

Finding Your Affiliate Offers

The next step is to choose your core offer and your supplemental offers.

This video shows what to do:


Some example affiliate programs include ClickBank, Amazon, and Sharesale.

Your main core offer should provide $35+ per sale. That way you only need to make one sale per day.

Creating Your Funnel Pages

Once you have chosen your products, it's now time to set up the simple landing pages.

This video has some tips on doing that:


The next thing you need is something to give away, in return for someone's email address.

This video has tips on that:


Things you can give away on your squeeze page:

Some affiliate programs have reports you can download and give away.

Create your own mini-trainings. These can be video or written.

PLR products.


Creating Your Pages Using = Aweber, Getresponse, ClickFunnels, OptimizePress.

Email Autoresponder

Now it's time to set up your autoresponder and email sequence.

This video shows how to do that:


Here's an example of how simple the emails can be:

Subject: This is CRUCIAL for weight loss...

If you have chosen to follow a keto diet (good choice!)
then one thing you will need to keep a close
eye on is your weight.

But not just how much you have lost.

It's important to track whether it's fat
or muscle you are losing.

Because you don't want to lose muscle mass,
for the sake of weight loss.

An easy way to track all the important stats
is with a BMI scale.

Here's a great one on Amazon = YourAffiliateLink

It has tons of top reviews and is also
very affordable.

Here's to a new you!

Your Name

Recommended Autoresponders = Aweber, Getresponse, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp.

Free Traffic

Now your system is in place, it's time to drive some free traffic to it.

Here are 3 of the main social media platforms you can use to do just that. Choose one of them to begin with, you can always add others further down the line.



Software programs you can use to create videos are Wave and Pictory.

Here are some tips for optimizing your videos for each keyword you find:

  • Keyword As File Name
  • Keyword in Thumbnail Name
  • Keyword In Title
  • Keyword in Description (x3)
  • Keyword in Tags



Facebook Groups


Real Life Example

This video shows a real life example of what the system would look like:



Many thanks for taking this training.

This video sums everything up:


The system in a nutshell:

  • Choose one core offer and 3+ supplemental offers.
  • Core offer should pay $35+ per sale
  • Build a simple 2 page funnel to collect email addresses.
  • Create an email autoresponder series promoting the various affiliate offers.
  • Drive traffic into your system using social media platforms.

Once you have the main system in place, you just need 30 minutes a day to add content to your choice of social platform.

Thanks for watching!

Colin Avery


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