How To Get A Hoard Of Free Visitors To Your Website, Without Writing Any Articles Or Creating Any Backlinks Whatsoever

And it's 100% FREE to do...

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Build it and they shall come...

That's a popular myth that many people preach.

They say that if you add content to your website, then people will just turn up.

Now we all know that's simply not the case at all. If you want visitors then you need to have another plan.

But Surely Website Content Is Important?

Having quality content on your website IS important.

You can get free traffic from Google, if you target the right keywords and get quality backlinks.

But the content should also CONVERT people into taking action. It's not just about ranking, it's about getting your visitors to take action.

That's why it's important to get visitors from other platforms and not rely on your website content alone to bring in those visitors.

And that's what this page is all about!


Podify Traffic Heist

Podify Traffic Heist is a brand new video training course, that shows you exactly how to get a ton of 100% free traffic by creating a simple podcast and adding it to Spotify.

The website gets approx 417 million visitors a month and is one of the top 80 websites online.

You can upload your own podcast to the website, in any niche you choose (within reason) and profit from all the free traffic.

Here are just a few things covered in the course:

  • The intial steps to take BEFORE creating your podcast
  • How to host your podcast for free
  • How to create the perfect structure
  • Where to find free intro/outro music
  • How to record your podcast
  • How to syndicate to Spotify and other platforms
  • How to get people to your website

and so much more...

The over-the-shoulder video training takes you step by step showing you exactly what to do.

All you need to do is copy each step and you'll have your own traffic generating system set up in no time.

Podify Traffic Heist is ideal for business owners, affiliate marketers, eCommerce marketers and anyone who wants more free traffic for their business.

And it's all 100% FREE to do!

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