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Welcome to the training area!

Below you'll find all the information you need to start getting lots of free traffic by using simple images.

What Is Imgur?

Imgur is an image sharing and image hosting service. It was founded in 2009 and has a close connection with Reddit, where a lot of Imgur images are posted.

It's 100% free to use and the site gets an estimated 250 million visitors a month.

Creating content for the platform and getting your share of those visitors is very easy to do.

And we'll show you how to do just that below!

Site Overview

The first step is to navigate the site and get a general feel for the layout and how it works.

This video shows what to look for:


Sign Up

The next step is to sign up to the site. Simply head over to Imgur.com and create yourself a free account.

This video shows what to do:


Types Of Content

Next, we look at the types of content you can add to the site.

This video runs through those:


Obviously you want your content to match the niche/category of the links you are promoting.

If you're promoting a dog training product, for example, then post content about dogs/pets. It's very easy to turn niche content into memes and gifs that will get attention, likes and visitors to your links.

Upload Content

Now that you know the type of content you can add, let's look at how to add it to the site.

This video has some tips on doing that:


Adding Your Website Links

As you want to get people from Imgur onto your own website/links, it's important that you add those links onto your content and profile.

You can add your website link:

  • Onto the images themselves.
  • In the image descriptions.
  • On the About section in your profile.

This video has some tips on how to make the links in the descriptions live:



Many thanks for taking this training.

Imgur is a great place to get free traffic from. We recommend getting used to the platform, adding images/videos and getting to know the userbase, before you start adding links.

By doing that, you won't be flagged as being spammy and you'll not run the risk of losing your account before you've even started.

Take your time, post content that people love and you'll get your share of those millions of monthly visitors!

Thanks for watching!

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